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About Dr Foo


Thoughts Become Things:


Dr Foo believes that every living being on this planet is interconnected to the universe. Music serves a higher purpose of awakening that connection to your true self, which is connected to greater forces in the universe at your disposal. Music not only heals you, but brings you to a realisation that your thoughts can help shape a better world. To facilitate this connection, you need to Go Deep to find yourself; Go Dark to see your light; Go Progressive towards your calling -> more elaboration of this mantra under ‘Spirituality’.



My Past, Present and Future:


Deep basslines, Ethnic percussion and samples, Mystical mantras and chants, Spiritually charged Progressive, Psychill, Trance & Techno, Electronica, Ambient and World music – These are unmistakable elements of what has become known as the Dr Foo sound. Allow the doctor to prescribe the musical pills needed for your journey towards higher consciousness, self-understanding across new cultures and connection to the cosmic source.
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Dr Foo believes in a better, more united world through access to spirituality regardless of Race, Genre or Religion. He believes that every being on Earth has the means to awaken the higher conscious inner self through Music, Art, Meditation & Yoga. This would facilitate inner joy & peace, gradually ridding the world of unhappiness and conflict. Evident in the music that he prescribes, Dr Foo delves into these beliefs:

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Aural Pills

A 6 hour transformational mix broken down into 4 different parts, each with its own unique story and spiritual insights. This mix represents a culmination of changes within that have taken place since the end of last year, and a host of inner messages and awakenings that I wish to share with everyone.

A collection of mixes that I have curated with conscious intentions that is ripe for meditation, relaxation, yoga or dance. Hope it helps you on your personal journey or classes

Dr Foo hosts his monthly 2 hour ‘Prognosis’ Sessions on A2M Radio & Powermix FM – A journey dedicated to showcasing his deep eclectic mixture of Progressive, Trance, Techno & Ambient electronica laced with Ethnic and Spiritual elements. Each month, Prognosis features a special guest that resonates with the Dr Foo sound, and pushes the boundaries and perceptions of electronic music.

Dr Foo’s exclusive live recorded sets from various gigs


Conscious Sound Journey

This is my holistic offering combining all facets of my experience and purpose: sound meditation & conscious dance. I enjoy blending an array of music from ambient, psychill, healing frequencies, ethnic instrumentals (in accompaniment with other musicians) to tribal trance and house to transport people from meditation into a state of flow and deep consciousness.

Upcoming Event (limited spaces, open to all): Bhakti Sound Journey with Dr Foo – Retuning to Love (24 Feb 2019)

Bhakti Sound Journey










DJ for Meditation or Yoga

I offer customised live curation of peaceful, ambient, world and nature music with healing intent to enhance your meditation, mindfulness and yoga sessions of any format and duration. I have curated music journeys for meditation, yoga and conscious dance sessions in various combinations, including in studio settings, outdoor settings and at wellness festivals (e.g. recent Puma 24/7 in suntec).

sound meditation

yoga session










Progressive DJ

Providing my love and club experience for spinning Progressive (house, trance, techno, ambient, psychill) at all events. Good for Sunrise, Sunsets, Refreshing vibes or Underground gigs. From 1 – 5hrs

psy rave

dr foo club









Corporate DJ for good causes

Provide light, soulful, multi-cultural, diverse and upbeat music with conscious intentions to set positive vibes for your corporate event. Events for good/social causes and conscious purposes preferred. I have done gigs for social enterprises, and great initiatives such as Green is the New Black and Swapaholic.

Dr foo VSS

red dot









DJ for Family dance or Community Events

I have collaborated with enterprises such as RolyPoly Family to curate fun, upbeat dance sessions for parents to bond with their children over family friendly and retro hits (a new refreshing experience hah!)

family dance

family dance 2









Contact Sek Sheng (the human behind Dr Foo) to enquire more about each offering, for potential collaborations or to discuss pricing:

Mobile – 9139 0279

Email –

The Deep End

The Deep End is a community established by Dr Foo in 2013 to reconnect with the deeper side of electronic music often neglected by clubs and superficial society of today. Based in Singapore, it provides a cosy solace for members to soak in the journey of deep, sensual, hypnotic vibes across the genres of Progressive, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Minimal Techno, Ambient Electronica, Breaks, World Music and more.

Beyond being a musical haven of sharing and discussion for all things deep, the Deep End organises regular events to enhance audience’s Aural, Visual & Spiritual experiences in Singapore’s Boiler Rooms. Sound is meant to fluidly deliver a sacred and meaningful journey, as espoused by our founding fathers such as Sasha, Digweed, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Ritchie Hawtin et al.

The Deep End kicked off successfully for a series of gigs at The Spiffy Dapper and Zsofi’s Tapas Bar from 2013 – 14. On 6 Nov 2015, The Deep End was reborn again with renewed vigour and underground support in KOI. Stay tuned for more Deep End live gigs in 2016.


Visit The Deep End’s Facebook page below for details:


Meditation & Movement for Higher Vibrations ~ Ladakh 2017 Special Mix

Freedom Dance – Musings, Live Set & Tracklist

My first Vipassana Meditation experience (21 Dec 2016 to 1 Jan 2017)

Upcoming Events in Sep 2016

Spirit Tribe: Conscious Dance Movement with Dr Foo & Lishan (24 July 2016)

Past Gigs

Dr Foo has prescribed hours of endorphins, mantras, multi-ethnic Progression, destruction and elevation across the following local & international venues:





KOI Beats








Blu Jazz


Home Club


Red Dot Design


Zsofi Tapas Bar


Spiffy Dapper


Azzurra Singapore


Highlander Bar Melbourne


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