Ethereal Transformation (6 Hour Prognosis for the Soul)

Happy New Year all! This 6 hour transformational journey represents a culmination of changes within that have taken place throughout 2015, and a host of inner messages and awakenings that I wish to share with everyone. Personally for me, the most significant progress I have made in 2015 is learning to separate who I am from my ego, appreciating oneness with all life & divinity, and learning to see things as they are without the enslavement to thoughts and emotions (being able to decide clearly on what action to take, rather than react).

Riding on beautiful trips to India, Bali & Gili Islands, I spent more than 3 months deep in the mix to blend the array of sounds, mantras and consciousness elevating influences that I have been blessed to experience. You can expect a colourful painting akin to the syncopated and cinematic change of weather on Gili islands, doused in cascading red and blue – everything from Progressive, All kinds of House, Ambient, Breaks, Electronica, Tech and Old Coldharbour Trance – It has never been about the genre, but the vibe and storyline (Mantra of the Deep End :)). For part by part breakdown of mix:

On the whole, there has been a fundamental change in the primary emotions and energy I used to create this mix, compared to those in the past. Previous driving forces of anger and destruction have been replaced by compassion, spirituality and hypnotic wonder. This is symbolic of me feeling a weight lifted off my being this year, with a much lighter and clearer perspective of life.

I have always said that music serves a higher purpose of healing and elevating, and this is the primary thrust of the mix. This mix shall immerse you on a journey like no other through the sacred vibrational flows of sound. Everything around us and within emits energy through vibrations. Listening to sounds that emit the right vibrations can transform your life and wellbeing across mind, body and soul.

We begin the journey by progressing towards our heart centre – here we access our boundless connection to the universe and the realisation of the power of compassion. This is a reminder that we are all essentially beings of light. Love is what we are born with, fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Embrace peace across humanity that has always been around when we let go of the ego and negative emotions/things/people, and appreciate the beauty of all for the way they are.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience through the mind – body vehicle. The soul is eternal, a part of the universe, experiencing human experiences through the human body. Start seeing the divine possibilities when you take in the present moment fully. You are an aperture through which the universe is looking and exploring itself. Part 1 of the mix – Ambient, Progressive, Downtempo, Breaks –

In the next phase of the journey, we go on a quest for greater meaning and purpose in our lives: the search for Dharma. Begin to understand that there are greater forces beyond the physical realm that can serve as our spiritual compass. Through the sacred wisdom of Buddha, Vedic philosophy, ethnic cultures and religions, embrace the awakening of an immense power deep within, fuelled by your intrinsic connection to nature and universe. Appreciate the peaceful understanding of Oneness amidst diversity, soaking in beauty that manifests in different forms. Realise the power of your thoughts to manifest the unmanifested through being in a state of timeless flow and activation of your Chakras. Ultimately, elevate yourself so you can help those in need. Embrace your grand duty of serving and helping humanity achieve this state of peace and higher consciousness. Part 2 of the mix – Spiritual Progressive Trance/House/Breaks –

Of course, what’s a Dr Foo mix without Darkness? The next part of the mix signifies the underlying purpose of darkness as an honest palette of reflection for us to find the light within and spread much needed divinity and peace to the world. Use the darkness as a means for the flames of consciousness to burn brighter than ever. The light of awakening is never too far away from darkness. No Tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell – C.G. Jung. I can see now that there really is no light without darkness. Now especially more than ever, I realise the significance of my Coldharbour roots. The Coldharbour sound of Dark Progressive emotional hypnotic trance has laid the perfect foundation for me to realise a calling through sound. Part 3 of the mix –

As we wind down the journey, we reflect on the multitude of spiritual insights, memories and emotions that have shaped us into who we are. Now let go of them and flow into the thoughtless state, moving gradually into the beatless realm of surreality. You are more than the circles of thoughts, perceptions and cravings that bite their own tail. One realises that everything moves in cycles, in the concept of Samsara. The End is the Beginning in the Karmic Wheel. The cycle of life and death ensures that we come from the same eternal source. We are more than what we appear to be, so smile, be grateful for the now, and never despair or regret. Part 4 of the mix – Progressive, Downtempo, Ambient, Electronica, Post Rock –

Enjoy this sacred journey and do share it with your loved ones if you think this has helped you. Listen to this wherever whenever you need to reconnect, and use it to dance, work, meditate, reflect or yoga.



Dr Foo


Ethereal Transformation Tracklist:

Part 1: Journey to the Heart Centre: Compassion

  1. Elevated Life – Vinayaka
  2. Tributes – Ambeam
  3. Differences – Audiostorm
  4. White lines (Roger & Stage Van H Remix) – Anton MAKe
  5. Buddha – Deep Soul Duo
  6. Lost in Love (Miraculum Remix) – Royal Sapien, Biologik
  7. Natural Fear – Interaxxis
  8. Odds and Ends – East Café
  9. A Simple Day (Alex Vidal Remix) – Airwave
  10. Om Mani Padme Hum – Imee Ooi
  11. Triangulum – Nanofeel
  12. Deer – Beat Syndrome
  13. Stolen Memory (Guy Mantzur Remix) – Guy J
  14. Fellowship (Eryo Remix) – Deep Soul Duo
  15. My Sweet Home – Kay D
  16. LA (Alfoa Angel City Remix) – Ad Brown
  17. Eat Dust – Blusoul
  18. Mmx1215 (Kay D Remix) – JOOF
  19. Wave of Life – Miika Kuisma, Luminiscent
  20. Memories of Future – Tabala Tantra
  21. Blue Sun – Rick Pier O’Neil
  22. Motion (Dr Foo’s 662hz Solfeggio Pineal Edit) – Cristian R & Kasall
  23. High Weather – Asten
  24. Moving Deeper – Ethnia
  25. Angel inside us (John D Remix) – Abraham A
  26. Caged Little Bird (Beat Syndrome Remix) – Miraculum
  27. Tiger Forest (Ryan Davis Rework) – Digby Dougherty, David Young
  28. Spiral Utopia – Aman Anand
  29. Cry No More (Sasha Remix) – Vaults

Part 2: Dharma: Reason for Being

  1. Blindness in your eyes – Moshic
  2. Think Wise – Moshic
  3. Another Way – Khen
  4. Abisinia (Uner Ancenstral Remix) – Chus & Ceballos, Leonardo Gonnelli
  5. Black Rock City (Dosem Remix) – Chus & Ceballos
  6. A means of escape (Scotty’s Somebodys Story mix) – Scotty A
  7. Genesis – Deep Soul Duo
  8. Suryadev – Deep Soul Duo
  9. Tryp Tich – Ethnia
  10. Sublime – Deep Soul Duo
  11. Awakening (Deep Soul Duo Remix) – Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan
  12. Fruitful Love (Timewave Remix ) – Kay D
  13. Samadhi – Deep Soul Duo

Part 3: Coldharbour: Darkness as an Honest Palette for Spiritual Growth

  1. The Sound of My Mind (LoQuai Remix) – Gonza Rodriguez
  2. Moon Shadow (Genesis Remix) – Mike Efex
  3. Tigris and Euphrates – Airwave
  4. In Dreams with Betty – Chris Harvey
  5. Broken – Kalden Bess
  6. A touch of Grace (Deep and Dark Mix) – Airwave
  7. A Simple Day – Airwave, Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic
  8. For the Moment – Solid Stone
  9. Unlimited – Solid Stone
  10. Dark Princess – TKNO
  11. Kerosine – Aerofoil
  12. Iyewaye – Oliver Koletzki
  13. Goliath (Marc Marzenit Remix) – Jeremy Olander
  14. Bayhert – Jeremy Olander
  15. Electronic Blood – Daphnia
  16. Levitation – Kay D
  17. Mantra – Jose Manuel
  18. Brabant – Marco Bailey & Tom Hades
  19. Dark Purple – Alex Di Stefano
  20. Red Sky – Mike Efex
  21. Search & Destroy – Deluna
  22. Lost – Harper & Green
  23. Heaven Sent (Instrumental Mix) – Andrew Bennett
  24. Severance (Markus Schulz vs Elevation Mix) – Eluna
  25. Lost Cause (Mike efex Remix) – Marksu Schulz feat Carrie Skipper
  26. Les Fleurs – Estiva
  27. Happiness – Vertruda

Part 4: Samsara: The End is the Beginning

  1. Silhouettes Saints (Dr Foo Mashup) – Aggressor vs Dakota
  2. False Emotion (Philty Chit Remix) – Moshic
  3. Response – Cid Inc
  4. Fragile Circle – Cid Inc
  5. A stroke of Luck (Deepfunk’s Royal Flush Remix) – Elia, Tom Hales
  6. Angel (Petar Dundov Remix) – Masaya (CH)
  7. Hayling (Max Cooper Remix) – FC Kahuna
  8. Madeira – Fauxe
  9. Decay – 4lienetic
  10. A moment – 4lienetic
  11. Cold Front – Hammock
  12. Fingerpaint (Andy Weed’s Sunday Evening Remix) – Digital Witchcraft)
  13. The Dharani of Sri Devi) – ImeeOoi

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