Event Start Date:
September 23, 2016
Event End Date:
September 23, 2016
Event Venue:
Zsofi Tapas Bar























With a fresh take on ecstatic dance and partying, Dr Foo & Lishan present a guided Dance, Yoga & Breathwork session with a selection of Conscious Music that leads you into the end of the week on a natural high.

By grooving to heal in this new form of conscious ‘clubbing’, we explore the wondrous potential of dance music for the body and soul beyond late nights and dark decadent environments. Good music deserves to be played to everyone, beyond boundaries. Deep connections can be established in a communual environment with positive, open vibes.

The best part? Everybody is welcome, whether you are a music lover, yogi (of all levels), dancer or just want a great time to socialise consciously and healthily with like minded souls.

Yoga means the union of body, mind and spirit where you achieve a zero-point in your state of consciousness where peace and spiritual bliss resides. This is a great compliment to conscious breathwork to reach heightened states of consciousness.

Imagine yourself practising yoga in a fun way, destressing and energising with breathwork and simple but effective postures. Moving in harmony with prana, connecting to your chakras and transforming your body into different rhythms, you enter into natural states of high. Connect to your inner child and let out of tension, resentment and frustration. You are guaranteed to smile and bond with everyone. Spirituality can be fun! :)

This will be coupled with specially selected aural pills from Dr Foo. The conscious intentions behind artfully woven tracks yield transformative potential beyond your emotions & thoughts, elevating mind, body and soul to greater spiritual realisations and calm. Sacred joyful music from cross cultural/religious realms bind us all in oneness, and dissolve divisive fears. What we listen to conditions us, and heavily affects our vibrations. This makes sound a critical medium for shaping consciousness since all matter is made of vibrations. You are what you eat, You are also what you listen to.

Ancient tribes and rituals have been using music to enter people into spiritual states of trance for healing. Similarly, progressive electronic music simulates a tribal, magical atmosphere for connections with your deeper and divine self. Explore the eclectic range of music not commonly played in clubs or public spaces, which has tremendous healing potential. And most importantly, have so much natural fun in the groove with your tribe mates while doing so :p

Date: Sunday 25 September 2016
Time: 2 – 4pm
Energy exchange: $40 per person, inclusive of a fresh fruit juice from Zsofis (note the slight increase due to provision of drink, and space costs)

-Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop to register, make payment, mingle and settle down
-Wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in
-You are welcome to stay on for dinner, more dance and to enjoy the sunset with Dr Foo’s live set

Event Date

September 25, 2016 - September 25, 2016

Event Time

02:00 PM - 16:00 PM

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