Freedom Dance – Musings, Live Set & Tracklist

Freedom Dance July 2017


I had the privilege of curating an aural journey for another Freedom Dance session 2 nights ago, and each time its a different yet enriching experience. Freedom dance is a form of moving meditation aiming to liberate your mind body and soul. By connecting to music, space and breath, participants allow the energy to move through their body. An important concept is that we have a safe space where everyone feels secure to fully release, explore and express. While similar to other conscious dances like 5rhythms, ecstatic dance etc Freedom Dance as the name implies adopts a free flow ‘structure’. Ting, who is the co-facilitator and organiser sets some simple guidelines at the start and encourages all to feel into their breath, before we get deep into the music and let the body/energy guide us.

And this is where I really enjoy myself as a DJ. Starting from meditative, sacred frequencies and sounds, I have the room to move from downtempo, ambient to tribal ethnic grooves, world music, chillout electronica, progressive house, trance, psy and then back down again. Because the room is so sensitive to every sound in this state, I feel an added responsibility to tune in and curate the most fitting aural journey. It’s definitely more engaging than a normal DJing gig, and definitely more creative and aligned to my ideals.

During each session, I can feel a strong collective energy of different themes. At the last one, a peaceful and deep theme resonated from start to finish and I could see everyone relaxing, meditating and blissing out to the music during the session. At June’s one, it was about moving through blockages and self doubt, a stronger urge to release tensions with stronger movement. I am heartened when people come up to me to comment that the music catalysed a transformative journey within them or released many deeply held issues or emotions. It is quite amazing to see that this session is really more than just a party, but an energy therapy much like other healing modalities out there. The science of vibration and metaphysics continue to intrigue me in the sound healing world. Moving forward, I also have intentions to inculcate and learn more live ethnic/sound healing instruments and frequencies into my DJ sets to enhance the journey and audio therapy.

Below is the link to my live recorded set for Freedom Dance (July), along with the tracklist. I keep realising how important intention is in terms of music, art or manifestation. It doesn’t matter which genre, religion, colour or creed you identify with. At the end of the day, your vibe, guided by your intention tells the story. You may call my freedom dance mixes progressive, trance, spiritual, world, ambient, psy, house or whatever – it has elements of all. What matters is that this mix was crafted live in response to an alignment with peace, consciousness and energy of a beautiful crowd I am grateful to share space with.

I realise also the importance of cultivating a deep calming personal state of consciousness before each gig as a DJ and space holder for such sessions. For July’s Freedom Dance, instead of forcing the issue or overcomplicating things, I found myself more relaxed and in tune with the energy of the room and music for guidance. It was like the music picked itself for the night.

You may take this raw live set for personal relaxation, meditation, mind tripping and grooving whenever you feel a call to reconnect to an essence beyond the material realm.




  1. Jonathan Goldman – Crystal Tones, Navel Chakra
  2. Kuan Yin’s Mantra
  3. Vive – Vishuddha
  4. Oum – Lik (Mashti & Polyesta Remix for Womex 14)
  5. Hilight Tribe – Morning Puja
  6. Paul Martinez – Coming of Shiva (Mateo Monero Remix)
  7. Stanisha – Digitalis (LoQuai Remix)
  8. Moshic – We are the extinct tribe
  9. John 00 Fleming – Finding Ganesha (Dark Soul Project Remix)
  10. Snatam Kaur – Mul Mantra
  11. Orkidea – Dreamers of dreams
  12. Kay-D – Levitation (Aggressor Magikal Remix)
  13. Twice as nice – Overture (Guy J Remix)
  14. Lee Burridge, Lost Desert – Return to sender
  15. Jessita Reyes – Drifting (Flute, Bamboo Chimes & Nature sounds0
  16. See New Project – Water & Stone
  17. See New Project – The Spring River
  18. Imee Ooi – Prajna Paramita Hrdaya Sutram


At the end of the session, Ting will amazingly be able to draw out collective or individual messages, as well as offer some healing to individuals where needed.

The next Freedom Dance is on 18 August 2017. You may check for details, or follow my Facebook.

Looking forward to curating another aural journey in a safe space where anyone can reconnect to themselves and express through free form movement, regardless of background, colour or musical nous. The music is ‘Progressive’ in the sense that it caters for the energy of the participants and evolves to take us on a journey. We will not be afraid to dive deep and release where needed. For anyone looking for a conscious ‘party’ where the focus is solely on music, movement and personal journey, you are welcome :)

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