Meditation & Movement for Higher Vibrations ~ Ladakh 2017 Special Mix

As part of my ongoing spiritual journey, I was called to join a sacred group tour of Ladakh from 1 – 11 August. This mix is inspired by the beyond comprehensible energies and beauty of Ladakh, as well as the journey before and after the trip. New connections are opening up, as we allow sound and frequencies to take us to our true nature of higher vibrations. I have taken a while to concoct this mix, setting an intention to facilitate deep meditation beyond just peace, towards a connection to the energy patterns that govern this universe. This mix consists of ambient electronica, world music, psychill, mantras, solfeggio frequencies and light language. Solfeggio frequencies have the ability to balance your energies and tune them in harmony with the universe. Best listened progressively with ear/head phones.

As you listen to this mix, breathe deeply up and down your spine, from your sit bones up to the crown of your head and back down. Feel lighter and expanding deeply, allowing everything to flow through you. Visualise a light flowing through and observe whatever sensations, visual symbols, connections or thoughts that appear. As you progress and breathe through the mix, feel the now with non Judgement, non resistance and non attachment to temporal states of perceptions/emotions/craving/aversion. Learn to see the good of all that has come in your life.


Image: The kalachakra mixed with the Sri Yantra, representing the rich Tibetan Buddhist heritage of Ladakh mixed with the divine energies that we were able to connect to.


Background of Ladakh Inspiration: Mystic Happenings and Musical Synchronicity

I went to Ladakh with a group of cute, energetically sensitive Indian girls whom I have never met before. But I felt at ease, knowing that everything is as it should be. Whilst I have strong connections to India and her spiritual roots, with this group it feels like a new connection that stretches beyond past into cosmic oneness.  In the acclimatisation phase of the first two days to the altitude (you land at the lowest point of 3,500 metres above sea at the airport, already surrounded by mountains!), upon learning of my preferred energy ‘modality’ of sound, Sameeta (the trip organiser) said that my music will play an important role on the 5th day of the trip when we were in Nubra Valley.

And so it turned out. As we set off from our beautiful tents in the organic retreat of Nubra Valley to Turtuk, we did our customary ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ chants followed by the playing of Om Mani Padme Hum from someone’s phone. As the phone was dying in battery, I was asked to plug in my ipod instead, playing Imee Ooi’s version of Om Mani Padme Hum – which set the peaceful divine mood for the journey and playlist ahead. My playlist coincided with the mystic beauty of our journey to Turtuk. Mountains and rock formations of different varieties and colours painted the way, with the terrain closer to the Moon’s or some other planet – this was not Earth that we know. The vehicle was silent, people were going into a trance and some even past life connections as we passed several landmarks. Osho’s words of hypnotic wisdom mixed with the psychedelic-chill wander of Man of No Ego rang in our ears – everyone nodded in approval.

This was followed by Solfeggio frequencies from the 528 Hz range in my playlist as we neared Turtuk. We were beyond peace. When we reached Turtuk, we did a meditation by one of their natural freezers there, which proved to be a convergence point of tremendous energy. Some of us went ‘travelling’ in different dimensions, myself I saw the Sri Yantra culminating in my Anja Chakra. The people there were beautiful beyond anything we have seen – exotic mixed features, red cheeks, bright large eyes, with bliss in their smiles and dance. The irony that such beauty exists in what everyone thought was a dangerous border region between Pakistan and India. For the return journey, I continued playing what’s left on my ‘Om’ playlist which included different ambient tunes and mantras. Amazingly just when we reached back to our tents, the last song of my playlist finished. I surrender to a sonic synergy. The bulk of the core of this mix comes from this playlist, with layers of other instruments and sounds.

The day before (4th day), music had played a mystical role on our journey from Leh to Nubra Valley too. Sameeta said she had received instructions to play several tracks from her phone to facilitate ‘relaxation and meditation’ before we reach Nubra Valley. She told us to close our eyes as she played the music. The next time we woke up, we were already in Nubra Valley. A road journey that normally takes 4 -5 hours was somehow done in 2 hours. Before falling into a deep trance and sleep, I was mesmerised by some of the tracks – which fit in perfectly with my vibe and music actually. They were psychill, ambient, light trance tracks imbused with mystical light language of Judy Satori. I obtained them from Sameeta at the end of the trip and added them to this mix too, to aid our journey to galaxies within and without.

This mix carries through some of the insights gained in Ladakh. Just as we surrender to the serene and divine melodies and frequencies, we learn to let go of fears, doubts and all that do not serve, flowing into the now of full presence and trust. There were some dangerous moments in Ladakh – the journey to some of the most breathtaking sights always required driving through one lane high passes edged perilously by the mountains at least 4,000 metres high. Though I never felt any danger or nervousness in any part of the trip. Perhaps I was too bathed in the energies of the mountains or the danger receptor in my brain is dead lol. The road journeys through the high passes in Ladakh is actually the highlight because you get to see continuous stretches of astounding natural beauty. We remembered wondering: how is it possible for so many rock formations to just stay protruding out from above us in impossible angles? With what appeared to be shape shifting mountains, coupled with the sounds of mystic silence and cute passing beavers you just smile and admire as you pass along.

On the third day of the trip, as we were making our way back to our hotel in Leh from the beautiful Lamayuru monastery, ‘disaster’ struck. We had defied the driver’s advice to leave before it got dark, overstaying (meditated for too long) at the monastery by 1 hour. So it started to rain on our way back. You see the roads getting more flooded, mini streams start flowing down the mountains. The alarming part (at least to the rational people) was went rocks began to fall off the mountain due to the rain. More and more fell off, to the point that our driver was now trying to move faster to avoid getting hit by falling rocks (much like watching some movies no?), as well as weaving in and out of fallen rocks increasingly blocking the path on the road. There were some near misses, along with grasps of relief in our vehicle. When the driver started chanting Om Mani Padme Hum too, I guess the seriousness of the situation intensified. It got so bad that we couldn’t outrun it anymore. Rocks, mud and streams were falling off ahead of us – this is called a landslide lol. Thankfully our wonderful and experienced driver, Ang Chok, brought us to a ‘safe spot’ where we were sheltered by huge stable protruding rock from above, as everywhere else rained rocks. Sensing danger, Sameeta led us to do a group prayer. Personally I was still amused and admiring the falling rocks but thought it wise to join in as well. With manifestation of our desires and communion with the many divine beings/energies nestled in Ladakh’s abode the main theme of this trip, we were asked to practice it with the ask for the rain to stop and for a safe journey. Within minutes the rain stopped and vehicles stuck along the road could move again. Well we just had the small matter of dismounting and helping to move some rocks out of the road so vehicles can move through. Shortly after we saw a rainbow over the top of a mountain. Definitely a good sign! Followed by another rainbow connecting. We all got out of the vehicle to admire the sight and bask in the knowing that something was guiding us along the path.


Takeaways from this mix and sound healing ingredients explained

This mix serves as a reminder to trust the flow of the universe, that things will work themselves out in the right time, and that we are magical beings who can manifest our clear intentions into reality. At least those were the key messages for me on this trip. To harmonise the flow with the universe, certain frequencies and tunings can be sued to attune us. For example it is said that music based on a tuning of A at 432 Hz transmits beneficial healing energy because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature. It is said to give greater clarity and meditative ease. There are many articles discussing the benefits of 432 Hz music. This is not to say that it is conclusively ‘better’ that normal music tuned at 440 Hz, but I do feel the calming effects of music at 432 Hz, as shown by Man Of No Ego’s tracks which are used in the middle of this mix, when we descent into cosmic oneness. Solfeggio frequencies tuned to 528 Hz are used to overlay tracks in this mix, particularly the first half. It is a frequency that connects to the heart, and these frequencies were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilisations to manifest miracles and produce blessings. 528 Hz is fundamental to the ancient Pi and the Golden mean evident throughout nature’s design and sacred geometry. It has even been used to clean polluted water in the Gulf of Mexico. But as Buddha said, don’t take any words at face value, experience it for yourself and see the effects.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that chanting Om Mani Padme Hum out loud or silently to oneself invokes powerful blessings of Chenrezig (or Kwan Yin to the Chinese). This is definitely a popular mantra throughout Tibet, Ladakh, Bhutan, Nepal regions, where Tibetan Buddhism has spread. Imee Ooi sings a beautiful version of this in the mix. I remembered coming across her voice through this mantra for the first time 4 years ago, and was mesmerised. The Vajra Guru Mantra is the mantra associated with Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava. It is the mantra of all masters, buddhas and protectors.  When chanted, you are invoking the very embodiment of Padmasambhava. Craig Pruess has a beautiful rendition of this mantra, which I have layered with wolrd instruments such as chimes and hang drums to create more entrancing and hypnotic effects.

While meditating in Ladakh, anywhere from the monasteries to river streams and sacred rocks, my heart and third eye chakras were in active vibration, sometimes revealing sacred geometry, symbols and psychedelic colours. Everyone communicates with their higher guides/universe/inner intuition in different ways. Certain places are more intuned with Earth’s energy and electromagnetic waves, making it easy to connect into a state of higher vibration. Ladakh is certainly one of them, as is the Himalayan belt or other sacred sites around the world i.e. Egpyt pyramids, Stonehenge etc. As you connect deeper, you see the oneness of everything. Starseeds or people drawn to astronomy, star systems out there can feel a deep intergalaxial bond. Those drawn to Nature, animals, ancient civilisations feel the same oneness. As Alan Watts said: “You are not something that is a result of the big bang, on the end of the process. You are still the process, you are the big bang, the original force of the universe coming on as whoever you are. When I meet you I see not just what you define yourself as – Mr so and so miss so and so. I see everyone of you as the primordial energy of the universe coming on at me at this particular way. I know I am that too.”

The divide and needless fear between religions get dissolved, absolved. We realise that religions are different pathways to reach the same source, and replications of similar energies. I personally Envision a day when all religions become accessible to each other without fear, in non-duality. I hope this mix helps to facilitate a connection, bond and oneness for you, as it has helped me personally. Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic/Celtic, New Age influences are rampant throughout this mix. Sound and music has the potential for entrainment into different levels of consciousness, and I hope this mix takes you towards a deeper state of joy, love and courage in higher vibrations.


OM :)

Ladakh mix

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