Spirit Tribe: Conscious Dance Movement with Dr Foo & Lishan (24 July 2016)

spirit dance sunset

I am really excited to team up with Lishan to present a sunset Breathwork, light Yoga and guided Dance session this Sunday at Zsofi Tapas Bar with a consciously driven selection of Music that leads you into the evening on a NATURAL high 😀

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By grooving to heal in this new form of conscious ‘clubbing’, we explore the wondrous potential of dance music for the body and soul beyond late nights and dark decadent environments. Good music deserves to be played to everyone, beyond boundaries. Deep connections can be established in a communual environment with positive, open vibes.

The best part? Everybody is welcome, whether you are a music lover, yogi, dancer or just want a great time to socialise consciously and healtily with like minded souls.

Yoga means the union of body, mind and spirit where you achieve a zero-point in your state of consciousness where peace and spiritual bliss resides. This is a great compliment to conscious breathwork to reach heightened states of consciousness.

Imagine yourself practising yoga in a fun way, destressing and energising with breathwork and simple but effective postures. Move in harmony with prana, connecting to your chakras and transforming your body into different rhythms, giving natural states of high. Connect to your inner child and let out of tension, resentment and frustration. You are guaranteed to smile and bond with everyone. Spirituality can be fun! :)

This will be coupled with specially selected aural pills from Dr Foo. Consciousness behind artfully woven tracks yield transformative potential beyond your emotions, elevating mind, body and soul to greater spiritual realisations and calm. What we listen to conditions us, and determines who we are. Be extremely mindful of the sounds that you take in, for everything is made of vibrations. You are what you eat, You are also what you listen to.

Ancient tribes and rituals have been using music to enter people into spiritual states of trance and healing. Music of the World has cross cultural elements to bind us all. Similarly, progressive electronic music simulates a tribal, magical atmosphere for connections with your deeper and divine self. Explore the eclectic range of music not commonly played in clubs or public spaces, which has tremendous healing potential. And most importantly, have so much natural fun in the groove while doing so :p


Dr Foo and Lishan are ravers/partygoers who no longer enjoy the alcohol-fuelled, egoistic, sexually driven, materialistic and late-night lifestyle with their spiritual awakening. They wish to provide a healthier and more fulfilling way to enjoy music and dance. Spirituality can be fun ~ a healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle.

Sek Sheng (Dr Foo) found himself as an artist in the underground of Melbourne, and is known for his eclectic mixes spanning spiritually laden Progressive, Trance, Chillout, Mantras and World music. Electronic Dance Music was initially a base and an alternative family for Dr Foo to find authenticity in a dark world. Over the past 2 years, as he has become more spiritually awake to the universe’s calling, Sek Sheng began to realise his calling as a ‘doctor’, as light appeared through a transcendental stillness, leading him towards deeper meditation and divine connections to ancient cultures facilitated by music. He realised that music serves a higher purpose of awakening that connection to your true self, which is connected to greater forces in the universe at your disposal. Music not only heals you, but brings you to a realisation that your thoughts can help shape a better world. To facilitate this connection,Dr Foo believes you need to Go Deep to find yourself; Go Dark to see your light; Go Progressive towards your calling.

Lishan has been practising and teaching yoga for three years after her break from an intense affair with the clubbing community. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of a breathwork and relaxation practise which has been an integral part of her journey in overcoming her eating disorder, depression and self-harm through achieving stillness of mind, inner strength and alignment to her soul’s desire to help others awaken. She is also knowledgeable in nutrition, having attended a number of raw food, juice cleansing and Ayurvedic workshops and retreats. Her love for sacred music often finds her at kirtans while chanting mantras and channeling shamanic tones and singing is a workshop staple. Her experience in theatre, film, inner dance and contact flow also add to using physicality, improvisation and proxemics as a form of emotional expression.

Date: Sunday 14 August 2016
Time: 5-7pm
Energy exchange: $40 per person, inclusive of a fresh fruit juice from Zsofis (note the slight increase due to provision of drink, and space costs)

-Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop to register, make payment, mingle and settle down
-Wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in
-You are welcome to stay on for dinner, more dance and to enjoy the rest of the night (after party that can last til 10pm) with Dr Foo’s live set


  • Adri Maryke Smit


    Hi there, Dr Foo,

    I was checking out google images on “Spirit Dance” because I’ve been considering starting some workshops on a holistic form of dance that is non-competitive, good for your health, enjoyable and affordable. I came upon your advertisement and I thought I’d try to connect with you! Your website looks lovely, it really attracted me to find out more. I see you’re in Australia? I’m in South Africa! And it’s cool that people are waking up to the same kind of thing globally – there are social systems in this world being challenged, and we’re at the frontier of that process, so it’s great to come across like-minded people!

    I was wondering whether you’d have a moment to chat with me about the kind of dance that you do with folks and the kind of music you use? I have my own style of doing things, but I’m sure we could enrich one another by sharing some thoughts, if you’re interested?

    All the best with your endeavours, love & light!
    Adri Maryke Smit

    • drfoo


      Hi there Adri,

      Thanks for the compliments, I’ve checked your website and it looks lovely too! I am actually based in Singapore now, but my soul feels like it’s still in Australia as I studied there. Its definitely great to see more and more people waking up all around the world (hola south africa!). Apologies that I have only seen your message now, after digging through a lot of spam. I would be happy to chat with ya and exchange insights on how we do the conscious dance. You can add me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foothegreat or skype: foothegreat@hotmail.com

      Love & light,
      Dr Foo

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